Why NUTECH Products?

Even though many products in the market are inherently good products, it is the expertise behind them that makes the difference. Knowing how, when, where, and how much of any particular product to use, is the difference between failure and success, not only of that product at that particular moment in time, but, in the long run, of the company that manufactures it as well. NUTECH offers products backed by the experience and expertise of over 60 years combined experience of its management team who are ready to assist you with your nutritional needs.

Amine- Green™

a combination of modified, high energy amino acids of natural origin that can be foliarly or soil applied to improve plant growth...
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a concentrated product of very high solubility which contains humic substances from vegetable origin that increase soil...
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a combination of micronutrients and natural plant extracts formulated for foliar application to improve general plant growth...
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Micro- Connector™

a highly concentrated liquid foliar fertilizer that supplements a complete fertilization program with activated micronutrients...
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a nutrient use efficiency enhancer which contains fulvic substances from vegetable origin that increase soil...
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