HUMISOL™ is a concentrated product of very high solubility which contains humic substances from vegetable origin that increase soil cation exchange capacity and water holding ability, improving nutrient availability and promoting the growth of healthy populations of beneficial microbial organisms


Product Use

  • In combination with fertilizers: HUMISOL™ is designed for use in combination with fertilizers for more efficient use and uptake. The recommended rate is 30-100 lbs per acre or 1-3% of any physical blend of fertilizer, whichever is greater.
  • Fruit, Vegetable and Grain Crops: Apply 20-60 lbs/Ac/season as a single or split application in combination with a complete fertilizer program.
  • Turf and Ornamentals: Apply 1.25-2.5 lbs/1000 sq ft. in one or multiple applications. Application in irrigation water:
  • HUMISOL™ can be dissolved and applied with irrigation water in any irrigation system, alone or mixed with fertilizers. Apply HUMISOL™ ahead of the most critical growth stages of any given crop.
  • Foliar application: Apply 1-2 lbs/ac of HUMISOL™ dissolved in sufficient water and combined with foliar fertilizers or growth promoters during plant growth and development, making up to 4 applications per season.



Humisol™ can be used with these crops and more:

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Directions for Use

HUMISOL™ can be used on any crop alone or in combination with dry or liquid fertilizers.  It can be applied prior to planting, at planting or at any time after emergence.  It can be dissolved and applied to the soil through irrigation or foliar applied, mixed with enough water to obtain thorough foliar coverage.