CONNECTOR™ is a concentrated product of very high solubility which contains fulvic substances from vegetable origin that increase soil cation exchange capacity improving nutrient availability.


Product Usage

  • In combination with soil-applied liquid fertilizers: Use Connector™ at a rate of 1- 2% of the total fertilizer solution or ½-1 gallons per acre, whichever is greater. In blends, Connector™ should be added to the water before adding any fertilizer solutions. The mixing order should be water, Connector™and then the fertilizers..
  • Application in irrigation water: Connector™ can be applied with irrigation water in any irrigation system, alone or mixed with fertilizers. Apply ½ to 1 gal/ac. of Connector™ in the four most critical growth stages of any given crop, such as germination, vegetative growth, flowering, fruit set and fruit development
  • Foliar application: During plant growth and development make up to four applications of Connector™ at a rate of 1-2 qts/ac. in combination with foliar fertilizers.
  • When transplanting, make one application of 1-2 qts/ac. of Connector™ combined with foliar fertilizers



Micro-Connector™ can be used with these crops and more:

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Directions for Use

Connector™ is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and acid, neutral, and alkaline fertilizers, so it can be used in combinations in foliar applications or fertigation programs.  Connector™ is not phytotoxic at the recommended rates.  When using Connector™ with other products, add Connector™ to the water, before mixing in the other products.